There’s a gym in Leeds called Sudden Movements that is not like the many chain gyms that exist. It doesn’t have loads of machines, a pool or a sauna, bikes or rowers.


This gym has a rig, it has rings, it has weights and it has some classes that require as much of a mental work out as they do a physical one. Very different from convention as we generally know it!

 Fitter than ever

And yet I’ve been going there for three years and I’m at 31 much fitter and in better shape than when I was 21 – both physically and mentally !

I go there not because of body image or because I want to compete in anything. I go there because I want to conquer the exercises in the classes and be as fit as I can pushing every week to be stronger while juggling an MBA, a business and of course spending time with family and friends.


In the 3 years I’ve been going there has been a hardcore of regular attendees who stick the distance. By this I mean they don’t quit:  no matter what.


They aren’t all in physical peak condition, some of them have lifestyles that mean they can’t be but they turn up, they commit and they don’t give up no matter how tough the routines we work on get.

 Scaling that wall

The thing is the routines aren’t that tough if you tell yourself you can and will achieve before each class. If you see an 8ft wall and tell yourself you can scale it you will but a 5ft wall will be too much if you allow yourself only to see the barrier and not your ability to overcome it.


Those who can’t scale the 5ft wall, those are the ones who lack confidence in their ability to complete moves at the gym and it’s such a shame as they eventually allow that lack of confidence to tell themselves they can’t do it and they invariably quit more often than not.


Another thing I have learned over the years: never measure yourself on someone else, measure yourself on yourself and then go be better tomorrow!

So if something you’re asked to try at a gym class is hard, go at it until you fail. It’s ok to fail then pick yourself up and go at it again next time, pushing yourself to be better. Eventually you will be able to do it!


Mind over matter – it’s not a new thing and it’s so very relevant in so many things.


For me stepping into that gym for the first time having not really worked out before (or signed up to a gym before) I felt it would be a challenge…but I also felt I could do it.


My mind was capable of more than my body was and it still is because as my body gets stronger my brain tells me I can do more and so I push on.


Anyone can do this, we are all capable of climbing our mountains! Just look up from the bottom and see yourself at the top.


You don’t have to have perfection and you don’t need to measure up to others.


Let yourself succeed, don’t worry about when it’s hard or when you reach your limit. Reaching this where you place the marker for next time.


So go out there and flex your mental strength! And see what your mind and body can achieve.


Victoria x

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