The importance of getting away from it all

The importance of getting away from it all

So this is the first day of my week away in Spain and I’m feeling great (despite overindulging in some delicious Spanish gin last night!)

Coffee, cream (well oil really!) and a commitment

I’ve made a commitment to blog daily whilst I am away so that I can get into the habit of writing more frequently, which actually doesn’t come naturally or easily for me.

So I will get up with my black coffee and sit out in the garden of my friend’s beautiful apartment under the hot Spanish sun to write and reflect on what I’ve been reading, experiencing and thinking.

 MBA madness

At the moment it’s quite stressful with the executive MBA course that I am completing and I have a number of important deadlines over the next couple of weeks to meet. In some ways you could say that taking a holiday right now is the worst possible moment to do so…but actually I’m embracing it and using the days under the sun to do a little bit of Bolst Global business planning but in the most part to focus on the reading and assignment planning that I need to do.

 A learning environment

And being away from home, the office and the working environment is the best way to get on with this as I’m always battling the guilt of not concentrating on one thing over the other (MBA versus business versus other things I commit to) and here I feel like I can allow myself to focus on the MBA work. And actually being a bit of an academic junkie then for me being able to do this on holiday I find enjoyable  (yes, I’m a bit crazy!) and will prevent me from becoming even more stressed when I get back to drizzly England.


That’s why a change of environment and getting away from it all for me and everyone is so important. It refreshes you and you  can focus on the often neglected but fundamental stuff that your daily activities prevent you from thinking about or doing.

So if you are about to go away- how can you best use this downtime to obviously relax but also to possibly make some decisions or think about those things you haven’t had enough headspace to address?

 Making ‘sunny’ decisions!

I really enjoy being in the sun and so I’m using this time away from the routine to multitask on getting up to speed on some neglected MBA work whilst topping up the tan and thinking bigger about the future. Last year on holiday I made the decision to start up my own business and to start blogging on business related topics.

I wonder what decisions I will have made by the end of this one?

And which ones may you make too?

Please let me know!!

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!


Victoria x